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Asaf Avidan


Оригинальный текст и слова песни Cyclamen: Cyclamen, you’re holding it in againThere’s winter in every springIt’s time to let goCyclamen, the temperature’s rising againBut you’re tuber is absorbing the rainContinues to growI know I am dyingStill I’m gonna go tryingI’ll make it betterIt’s over. It’s over. It’s over. Cyclamen, it’s…

Оригинальный текст и слова песни Turn: It’s five in the morning where you areYou’re learning a language, beginning with «far»I’m glad you’re awake now, and picking your scarsWe do it all backwards, wherever we areTurn.Turn around.You’re living on the breadcrumbs of love that you foundWe were never ashamed love off…


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