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Оригинальный текст и слова песни Pacific 2:


People kill each other
It’s the act of violence
Why do they do that?
They might be puppets

You wanna show you’re super
Or get a bliss from it
When voices tell you be a killer
But anyway you’re lost in shit

Chorus 1: (x2)
Why do you kill people?
Destroy all on your way
Do you think it’s simple?
No, you make a very big mistake

War is the will’s intrusion
For realization of the power
Thus struggling with the complex
Your ambitions come true

Chorus 2: (x2)
For what you need the blood?
People’s tears and pains
Million souls at God
And cities became remains

War is a drill in madness
It will be forever
But nevertheless it can be stopped
Mind people, and turn on your mind!

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