Оригинальный текст и слова песни Princess Chaos:

I don’t know you, and I don’t really care
Fixate on you, perfection, ideal
I’m so sorry, this is my guarantee
This will happen, worse and repeatedly

Sport for crows, patronize you for your own protection
Narrow minded, red neck bleeding program
Drown her in milk, waiting to be replaced
Years made vapor, lost and blown away

Fear of the dark
My mouth is full of ruin, I breathe into you
Princess Chaos
I’ll set the world on fire, I’m gunna start with you

(One) Spoilt child, alienation seeking missile
(More) Abuse, amends and back again
(Black) See life, through the eyes of a psycho
(Heart) I know where you live

Casting darkness, deep inside your mind
Screaming razors, resonating down your spine
Wearing you down, I’ll haunt you where you sleep
Vulnerable, I make the guilt sting

Fear of the dark
Bathe the world in spite, it keeps you in place
Growing nervous
Abused humiliated, naked and ashame
I will find you
My mouth is full of ruin, I breathe it into you
Princess chaos

I’ll set the world on fire, I’m gunna start with you
One more breath for my last black heart
I will not succumb to fear
I won’t be intimidated

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