Оригинальный текст и слова песни Слезы лились:

-Где это было?
-В Бирмингеме, всего 6 или 7 месяцев
-Почему все закончилось?
-У неё крыша поехала
-Правда? Или ты просто долго не мог понять, что она всегда была такой?

Отведи глаза в небо, услышь стук её сердца
она врет, что н

Перевод на русский или английский язык текста песни — Слезы лились исполнителя Bahh Tee:

Where is it?
-In Birmingham, only 6 or 7 months
Why was all over ?
-Do It went to the roof
-The Truth? Or are you just could not understand that she has always been like this?

Take your eyes to the sky , hear the sound of her heart
she was lying , he does not like , it simply nowhere deetsya
All this in the image , due to the fact that she loved
and the idea that his forgotten
you thought would soon return , because how many times left
but this time was fatal for you
not from that meeting that there was no scandal
you’d better with this freak he did not change
he did not value it , I thought it nowhere to go
but she plunged a knife into his heart
is not love , there were only words
but from her sight all the same range of head
he changed, he realized all the mistakes
kiss you there , and he can not sleep here
you know what it was, did not return
she did not forget , but says forget it.

This evening I will forget forever , our last meeting
more about this no speech
Words are simply not enough , and the breath is gone
because I love you, and do not think it’s stupid
I stood there , tears were pouring
so wanted you to stop now
came up to me and said softly , » I love «
it is only for the sake of this I live

you said «I love you «, though this was not the case and I’m trusted you , as young fool
stepping through it , forgiving it all
I made it worse , made worse still
I broke it as a match in half
and on the lips of her flattery , saying » will not give «
a heartbeat , her reflection
she remembered what was neprichem
my soul was torn , and his heart did not seem to beat
and it seems the time seems to have stopped
I quietly went into the yard , the street was rain
I did not immediately noticed this fine tremors
wanted to run , but I did not know where
and remembers the times when we were together
wanted to scream , but the chest pain squeezed
thought for her to go, but lacked the will
tried to light a cigarette , but the match summed
Falling drops of rose dust clubs
a friend sitting next to , and tells me something
but I have not heard a single note
I lasted a cigarette, and just looking into the distance
sat silent and dull lead pressed sadness
as soon as the rain swept past
but my head is my favorite way

I told him , do not take it seriously , it is only the queen , but your dreams
together and sat down on the bench lit
I reassured him , forget about this Shawky
you were her plaything , we know that both
but he loved her , and apparently to the grave
the moon was replaced by the sun , and he looks into the distance
in his glassy eyes could see only sorrow
I thought it time to cure , melt the ice
Winter leaves the heart, it will sing spring
but it was not, it was worse
and who would not say, he was not listening
Revenge is tired , it does not know
and only whisper it, but she could not lie
and would not she tell me all in the eye,
that there was no sense in her never
she looked at you, it seemed to love
and you have not seen a lie , and believed — is supposedly again
she is adept as an actress to play with you
and you could not see her beautiful role
you always believed her , his eyes closing
further followed her , noticing nothing
or just did not want to see how it all turned out … but she was gone, but the pain remained inside

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