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The Game

Sometimes it feels like the end of the world is coming
Sometimes I wish I could see the clean pure truth
Familiar road but I don’t know where I’m running
Just trying to find someone who cares about you

Where should I go?
Why should I breath?
Where is the point of no return?
I`m part of wild
Disgusting game
Just trust, I’m not the same

Even when you so lost you`re still fighting
Try to find proper cost for mistakes you caused… worlds in collision
Another storm you get in — don’t stop keep gliding
Whatever you got, whoever your God — your decision.


What will make me feel so alive?
Who will catch my hand when I`m drowning?
What will make me feel so alive?
Who its gonna be, who its gonna be?
Who can reach my world?
I will not let you go

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