Оригинальный текст и слова песни Небесами окутай меня, снами унеси:

————— Сouplet #1 —————

А знаешь, это уже не мир,
И уничтожен нашей вечно любви эликсир.
Все формулы удачи забыты нелепо,
Для меня не будет осени, зима настанет после лета.
За твоим следом следует другая персона,

Перевод на русский или английский язык текста песни — Небесами окутай меня, снами унеси исполнителя Shot:

Souplet ————— ————— # 1

You know, this is not the world,
And it destroys our eternal love elixir.
All formulas luck forgotten ridiculous
For I will not fall, winter will come after the summer.
For your next followed by another person,
Beautifully dressed, with a sharp smell of cologne,
Flattering phrase it, my heart in half,
Half for you, but the rest do not give.
So it was before, and change prevailed
My mind, I hear your soul laugh,
All took the steps slowly, so sinful,
And finally, they were looking for from us forever gone.
Again I say my verses, it is time to write,
I erase the old days, if an old, passed the parade,
Friend or foe have I, but you have become a stranger to me,
Think twice if you decided to change something …

—————— Chorus —————-

Heaven is shrouded in me dreams carried away
Know that it is not I do not so it is beautiful,
Redeem my pain is unbearable request
These winter bear, but I will not love …

————— ————— Souplet # 2

Heaven is shrouded in me dreams carried away
I spent hours on do not you think, do not spend forces
Empty heart and you are almost there left but
There is one thing I wanted to tell you for a long time.
Do you remember saying I love, but love will not continue,
I promise you heaven on earth, and now I wish everything in time,
New plans, forgotten old, a lot of ideas,
I doubt that this will help you, this guy.
He will give flowers, but the feelings are similar to zero,
And it would be a lie to repeat the words, I love you,
All kisses for you pleasant, nothing to him,
Do you love the night and darkness, and he is a landscape of open curtains.
You are different, but I wish you patience,
And let your many years do not disturb doubt
Friend or foe to you, I still have to keep quiet,
Think twice, once, but I do not look …

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