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1. I often have a feeling
Like I’m a little girl in the big cruel world
So small but so substantial
Like a metal gun shining through the fog
I’m like a flower on the open road
They tried to trample down
My life consisted of the shades of dark
With the rare sunshine.


Now all bad things are behind
And the heavy pouring rain
Coming down,running out
Tryna take away my pain.
Bracing breath of the wind
And the heavy pouring rain
Coming down and withered
Flower comes alive again

2. I often have a feeling
Like I’m a little girl not of this cruel world
I dyed my hair dark brown
But my cherry lips they are always red
If I smoked I would take some cigarettes
But I don’t have to
I like how smoking looks I like bad things
It’s so attractive

It’s hard,it hurts,
But I’ll stay strong
There is no rest
I do my best.
I’m broken down,
I am so tired,
I’m strong,I’ll stand
Until the end.

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